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Bernie Agor Matsuno, Interim Director

City Neighborhood Council
Involvement Structure
CNC by-laws
Current Members
Standing Committees
Meeting Minutes and Agendas
District Boundaries
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District Councils
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City Neighborhood Council
District Councils

City Neighborhood Council

The City Neighborhood Council (CNC) is a citizen-led advisory group, comprised of elected members from each of the City’s 13 Districts, organized under the authority of Seattle City Council Resolution 27709 (Establishment of Neighborhood Planning and Assistance Program) in October, 1987. Subsequent resolutions have refined or altered this initial resolution. They are Resolution 28115 (Amendment to Promote Diversity) December, 1989; Resolution 28948 (Neighborhood District Representation on the City Neighborhood Council) in July, 1994; and Resolution 29015 (City/Community Partnership) October, 1994.*

The CNC's purpose is to provide city-wide coordination for the Neighborhood Matching Fund, Neighborhood Budget Prioritization, and Neighborhood Planning programs.

The CNC also provides a forum for a discussion of common neighborhood issues and is available for advice on policies necessary for the effective and equitable implementation of the Neighborhood Planning and Assistance Program. Its monthly meetings are open to the public.

*Copies of these resolutions are available in hard copy at the Department of Neighborhoods by contacting Wendy Watson at or 206-684-0719.

Executive Committee

2015 Officers
Co-Chairs: Catherine Weatbrook, Laine Ross
Co-Vice Chairs: Karl deJong, Tony Provine
Secretary: Stephanie Tschida

Committee Chairs
Neighborhood Matching Fund Committee Co-Chairs: Laine Ross, Catherine Weatbrook
Neighborhood Planning and Land Use Committee Co-Chairs: Irene Wall, Cindi Barker
Budget Committee Chair: Amanda Kay Helmick
Transportation Committee Co-Chairs: Dennis Galvin, Kirk Robbins


Neighborhood Districts and District Councils

The city is divided into 13 neighborhood districts. These districts grew out of a 1987 Seattle City Council resolution to promote, support, and involve citizen participation at the neighborhood level. Each district has a District Council which is comprised of representatives from community councils, nonprofit organizations and business districts. The councils provide a forum for consideration of concerns and for the sharing of ideas for solutions to common problems. To ensure that city programs and services are responsive and reflective of the needs and values of its neighborhoods, field staff known as Neighborhood District Coordinators serve as the community’s liaison and resource.

Individual District Coordinators support District Councils. Here are the representatives:

South Region Team
Southwest - Yun Pitre
Southeast - Jenny Frankl
Delridge - Kerry Wade
Greater Duwamish - Yun Pitre

Central Region Team
Central & Downtown - Yun Pitre/Laurie Ames
Queen Anne/Magnolia - Laurie Ames
Lake Union - Tim Durkan
East District - Tim Durkan

North Region Team
Ballard & Northwest - Thomas Whittemore
Northeast - Karen Ko
North - Christa Dumpys

Upcoming Meetings
What's New

Participatory Budget Event March 12

February 23 Agenda


November 24 Letter regarding Neighborhood Matching Fund Advisory Committee Proposed Changes

October 27, 2014 Budget Letter to City Council

July 20 letter Re: Neighborhood Matching Fund – Large Projects Fund 2014 Review Cycle
DoN Project #B14011 – Cheasty Greenspace Trails & Bike Park

June 30 budget recommendations letter

April 8 Letter from Mayor Murray regarding December 6 Microhousing letter

December 6 letter re:  Microhousing

February 2014 letter re:  Metro Service Cuts and Restructures


December 6 letter re Comp Plan Omnibus Amendments

December 6 letter re Comp Plan EIS Comments


October 25 letter regarding proposed 2013-2014 budget

October 3 letter regarding Parks Department funding needs and resources

CNC letter regarding 2013 Large Project Fund awards and process

CNC letter regarding Draft Bicycle Master Plan Update

CNC letter to City Council regarding microhousing

June 28 letter to Mayor and City Council regarding 2014 budget

March 2013 letter to DON Director Bernie Matsuno re proposed changes to NMF Large Project review process

Link to March 2010 meeting minutes referenced in above correspondence

DON Director Matsuno's response to CNC letter re proposed changes to NMF Large Project review process

February CNC letter regarding Transit Communities Policies

February CNC letter regarding transit funding

October CNC letter regarding 2013 budget

CNC letter regarding 2013 budget

May CNC letter regarding Initiatives Code Amendment

March CNC letter re Library Levy

March 2012 letter regarding improving public access to budget process

December 20 CNC letter regarding Comp Plan SLI

CNC Letter regarding Mayor's Proposed 2012 Budget

Historical Resources

History of the CNC and District Councils by Chris Leman

DON SLI re Outreach and Public Engagement and Grants Consolidation

DRAFT District Council Best Practices

CNC Audit Survey Executive Summary

District Council Focus Group Comments

Underrepresented groups summary

Survey Analysis

CNC Audit Priorities

District Council Audit


CNC Sponsored Candidates Forums

Watch the CNC Candidates Forum

CNC Candidates Forum September 30


Watch the June 26 CNC Mayoral Candidate Forum on the Seattle Channel

CNC and District Councils sponsor Mayoral Candidates Forum June 26






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