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Seattle Record Labels

BARSUK RECORDS - independent Seattle record label started by David Terry

C/Z Records - independent Seattle record label started in 1985

DELUXE RECORDS - independent Seattle record label.

FOURTHCITY - experimental Indie-Electronic-Hiphop, etc. 206-322-2209.

GLOBAL SEEPEJ RECORDS - GSR was founded in 1996 as a multimedia venue to support musicians, artists, writers, poets, journalists, and filmmakers that support and participate in the struggle for social, economic, and environmental justice. Global Seepej Records recently celebrated 10 years of supporting the NW music scene. Contact:

HIP CITY MUSIC - independent jazz record label featuring Northwest musicians.

IVY RECORDS - Seattle based independent record company.

JAZZ LOFT - independent jazz record label based in Bellevue, WA. 425-646-6406

LUCKYHORSE INDUSTRIES - independent record label based in Seattle, WA. 425-373-0050

MSP RECORDS - piano specialty CDs marketed in gift shops and specialty stores. 1-800-825-6406

NOC ON WOOD RECORDS - Showcasing dynamic urban music from new Pacific Northwest artists and producers. 1-800-253-8009/

ORIGIN RECORDS - Seattle based independent jazz record label. 206-781-2589

RACING HEART RECORDS - Seattle independent pop/rock music record label.

REVOLUTION VOID RECORDS - Electronic Jazz Netlabel run by Jonah Dempcy a.k.a. Revolution Void. The label is looking to put out remixes, collaborations and original music, in styles such as downtempo, electronic jazz (nu-jazz) and instrumental hiphop. 206-226-2857

PHILEO MUSIC - independent label featuring harp, piano and vocal music. 206-283-3313

SARATHAN RECORDS - Seattle based independent record label. 206-839-1121.

SEMAPHONE - eclectic independent label based in Seattle features classical and jazz.

SOL DISK - dedicated to free jazz and creative, improvised, outside music. 425-742-8786

STREET RITUAL - is stationed in Seattle and Oakland.

SUB POP - world renowned alternative record label. 206-441-8441

SUICIDE SQUEEZE RECORDS - started in August of 1996, SUICIDE SQUEEZE has been dishing out top caliber records with a punk rock soul.

TARNISHED RECORDS - Seattle record label showcasing Northwest roots noir and Americana artists. Email:

UP RECORDS - Small Seattle based Indie label. 206-320-9004

VIRT RECORDS - started in 2002 in Boston and moved to Seattle in 2003, Virt Records is an independent record label, focused primarily on AAA artists and singer/songwriters.

WAX ORCHARD - artist development company providing offline and online promotion and distribution, specializing in artists with a prior track record of success.

YELLOW TAIL RECORDS - independent folk and classical label. 206-527-3546

7D MEDIA - Seattle based media label and productions company. Founded by Trey Gunn.