About the Middle Income Housing Advisory Council

Seattle's recent economic growth has brought tremendous opportunity and prosperity to the region-but it has also created a dire need for more housing choices affordable to low, moderate, and middle-income households. If Seattle is to remain an equitable, welcoming, and just city, we must create more housing options so that people who work in Seattle can live in Seattle and benefit from all our city has to offer. We must preserve a strong community open to working families, including our teachers, firefighters, nurses and thousands that keep our small businesses going. 

The Affordable Middle-Income Housing Advisory Council will focus their efforts on creating more rental and ownership housing choices for Seattle's middle-income earners. The Advisory Council brings expertise in investment and housing development and will make recommendations based on both economic analysis and true and deep engagement with communities and neighborhoods throughout our City. They will elevate investment strategies and innovative construction models to close the growing gap between housing that City subsidy may support and what the private market is producing-including tools to ensure equitable development in newly designated Opportunity Zones.

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Mayor Jenny Durkan Announces Seattle's First-Ever Affordable Middle-Income Housing Advisory Council to Deliver More Housing Options for Workers and Families