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Mayor's Council on African American Elders

Articles & Reports

Hope for the Heart of Our Community - click to watch video
Karen M. Winston of the Seattle Human Services Department discusses how the African American Elders Program began and why it’s important to help vulnerable older adults maintain independence in their homes for as long as possible.

What's All This Talk about Patient-Centered Medical Homes?
By Kameka Brown

Caregiving Affects Mental, Physical and Financial Health
By Michael Lusk

Puzzle: Black History Month
By Karen Winston

Getting the Answers You Need about Alzheimer’s Disease

The Defining Years!
By Cynthia Andrews

Lifestyle Changes = Fun Foods for Summer
Rev. Gwendolyn Phillips Dotson

Coping with Sadness During the Holidays
By Rev. Gwendolyn Phillips Coates

Long Term Care Ombudsman Program Serving Elders of Color
By Rose Floyd

Hoarding: When Collecting Goes Bad
By Karen Kent, Evergreen Healthcare

Art Enriches Lives at Every Age
By Helen Sikov, MSW, LNHA

Managing Your Hypertension
By Charlotte Ruff, RN

Holiday Eating Tips
By Juana R. Royster, PhD
Member, Mayor's Council on African American Elders

The Senior Housing Crisis
By Jonathan Warren, Mayor's Council on African American Elders
UW Associate Professor of International Studies

Moving into an Assisted Living Community
by Carol Kemp, BSN, RN, BC
Mayor’s Council on African-American Elders

Culturally Appropriate Hospice Care in King County
Rev. Gwendolyn Coates, MA and Merlin Rainwater, RN

Mental Health and Communities of Color
By George Dicks, Chair
Mayor’s Council on African American Elders

Honoring Seattle Heroes
By Margaret Boddie, Program Manager
African American Elders Program
Catholic Community Services