An Interconnected City

In Seattle, we live in quirky, single-family neighborhoods and dense urban villages.  We work in industrial centers, commercial districts and retail cores throughout the city and the region. We may travel by car, but more often by foot and bike, bus and rail.  In Seattle, we need a coherent transportation network, rather than a patchwork of plans.  

This is why my administration is committed to developing a comprehensive, multi-modal transportation strategy for Seattle.  We will integrate and prioritize our pedestrian, bicycle, transit and freight plans; staying true to the goals of each while recognizing they must work together as a system.

The expansion of light rail and public transit options is important for Seattle and the region.  High-capacity, rapid, reliable transportation is more than a convenience; it is necessary for economic development, social justice and environmental sustainability.  My administration will fight to preserve Metro Transit service, bring Sound Transit 3 to the ballot, and lobby aggressively for state support and local funding authority.

But no transportation system is better than its infrastructure allows, and we are falling behind.  My administration will work to renew the Bridging the Gap Levy, in order to secure the funding needed to strengthen our bridges, repair our streets, and build and maintain our sidewalks.

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