An Affordable City

Seattle is undergoing a period of record growth and development.  Our burgeoning high-tech and life-sciences sectors are creating thousands of well-paying jobs.  But for the middle class, families, artists, students, and immigrants new to the country, our city is becoming increasingly unaffordable.  Seattle is at risk of pricing out the very diversity it thrives upon.

My administration has already begun working to address this issue.  We have convened an Income Inequality Advisory Committee, with representatives from labor and business, tasked to produce a set of recommendations we can propose as legislation to the City Council.  Together, we can significantly increase both the income and purchasing power of low-wage workers - and we can do it while protecting small businesses, retaining jobs, and fostering economic development throughout the region. 

But this is only a piece of the puzzle, and we must find practical ways to address other significant economic challenges facing Seattle residents. Of particular importance is the development of affordable workforce and family housing.  Without these housing options, Seattle will become a city where only the very rich and very poor can live.

Further, we must continue to work towards providing universal pre-kindergarten, both to ease the financial burdens on young families and to provide all children with a strong foundation for academic success.

You can learn more about the initial steps I am taking to make Seattle a more economically diverse and equitable city by visiting

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