A Safe City

Public safety is the foremost responsibility of city government. All Seattle residents deserve to be secure in their homes, safe in their neighborhoods, and able to explore our city without threat or intimidation. Our efforts to ensure public safety must be both just and compassionate. Those in crisis, suffering from desperate poverty, mental illness or addiction are themselves victims and deserving of our care and protection. To achieve this, we must provide clear leadership, as well as the best tools and training, to our police officers, fire-fighters and others tasked with putting themselves at risk for our protection. 

My administration is conducting a national search for the next chief of the Seattle Police Department, and is engaging the many diverse communities of Seattle in a conversation about what Seattle expects in its next chief of police. Choosing a leader for a department in transition who can restore the morale of the police force, enhance the effectiveness and accountability of the police force, and rebuild respect in all of our communities for the police force, is a first and crucial step towards the full and successful implementation of the Department of Justice consent decree. It is also an opportunity to address ongoing public concerns about racially biased policing and unconstitutional uses of force by the Seattle Police Department, and to give our police officers the tools and training they need to succeed in partnership with our many communities to reduce crime and keep our neighborhoods safe.

Please join us in this process by visiting seattle.gov/spdchiefsearch. There, you have the opportunity to provide direct feedback on the search process and let me know what qualities you are looking for in a Seattle Police Chief.

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