My Vision For Seattle

Seattle is a city of rich diversity.

We are artists, innovators and established global leaders in manufacturing, engineering and information technology. We are visionaries, and operate powerful institutions for research and philanthropy. We are risk-takers who start small businesses and flood the city with entrepreneurial potential. We are workers with a rich labor tradition of standing in solidarity with each other. We are engaged citizens, active in improving our neighborhoods and combating climate change. We are global traders, with the closest, large-city port to Asia. We are dedicated educators and hardworking public servants. We are immigrants from all across the globe, making the promise of the American dream a reality each and every day. And so much more -- we are a city too diverse to completely describe.

We are also a city that shares a common vision.

We want our city to be safe and secure for all. We want our city to be affordable for all, and to provide opportunities for people of all backgrounds to live in the city, raise a healthy family, and lead a productive, fulfilling life. We all want our city to be vibrant, with clean and healthy communities, active livable neighborhoods, and a thriving economy that grows from the middle out. We want an interconnected city, where people and goods can move from place to place safely and sustainably and without being bottled up in traffic. And we want an innovative, accountable city government that delivers on its public commitments smartly and transparently, while harnessing the power of technology.

Seattle works best when we work together, when we focus on the goals we share in common rather than the differences that may divide us. Through collaboration, and with a focus on practical solutions rather than politics, on innovation rather than ideology, together we can realize this vision and make Seattle a safe, affordable, vibrant and interconnected city for all. I am honored to serve the people of Seattle as your 53rd Mayor, and am eager to work with all of you to achieve our common goals.

- Mayor Edward B. Murray