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Event/Meeting Request Details

Provide a brief overview of the event/meeting, including the purpose, your recommendation regarding the Mayor's attendance, and any relevant details not captured in other parts of this form.

Meeting/Event Date and Time:



If meeting is not date/time specific, enter timing info here, such as "First available," "Preferred by date," a date range, date/time options, etc. (Contact the Mayor's Scheduler via phone or email for urgent requests with less than one week's notice.)

Contact Info for Events/Meetings with External Parties

Enter the organization issuing the invitation to the mayor or requesting the meeting (not the name of the person filling out this form, unless you are organizer)

Enter as 999-999-9999

Additional Information for Community Events



Inquires submitted to the Mayor's Office are subject to public disclosure pursuant to the Washington State Public Disclosure Act (RCW42.56). Information subject to disclosure includes: Name, phone number, email address, address, and comments. At the City of Seattle, we are committed to protecting the public's privacy when interacting with the City, and will ensure that any disclosures are done according to law.