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The Magnuson P-Patch at the Magnuson Community Garden


What's New?

The Magnuson Community Garden is the proud recipient of a BECU People Helping People Award. This $10,000 gift will support vital maintenance to help keep the garden inviting and accessible for all our visitors.

The 2013 growing season has come to an end. Over 3,000 lbs of food from the Food Bank plots and individual gardeners was donated to local Food Banks.

For more current information on the activities o the Magnuson P-Patch see our blog.

History of Magnuson P-Patch

The Magnuson P-Patch is located within the Magnuson Community Garden, a four acre site at Magnuson Park. The new P-Patch officially opened in March 2003 for the Spring season; it now has 140 year around plots. If interested in a garden plot at Magnuson, contact the Department of Neighborhoods P-Patch Office.

View of P-Patch
View of P-Patch

The new P-Patch replaced the Sand Point P-Patch which was established in 1977 on property leased from Childrens' Hospital and Regional Medical Center.  The hospital  begun preparations for building on the site at the end of September 2001. The Magnuson Community Garden P-Patch  was initially created as a temporary garden in October 2001 with 35 transitional plots for the old Sand Point P-Patch gardeners. 

Assistance for moving the P-patch  was received from Childrens' Hospital grounds staff,  Fruhling, Inc.,  Seattle Parks Department Sand Point Magnuson Park Division grounds personnel, and  gardeners. 

Volunteers spent many hours removing Scotch Broom, removing rocks, tilling and adding soil ammenities to the new site.  Compost, manure, and donated Alaska Fish Fertilizer  and applied to the soil.  The P-patch was marked out, paths were marked and surfaced, an irrigation system was installed.  Volunteers were then able to stake out the plot design, borders, and internal paths.

Volunteer Working Laying Out Plots


Tool boxes and compost bins were built. Compost Bins
ADA Beds were completed
ADA Beds

Administrative  Regulations and Guides

Gardeners are free to grow what they wish in the individual plots, thought there are some rules such as the requirement of organic gardening,  no plants on the noxious weed list, and certain restrictions on shade producing elements.  Some gardeners plant flowers, some vegetables, others  a mix.  The garden provides an opportunity for recreation, social interaction, creativity and artistic expression as well as a sustainable food source.

Artistic Expression Plot Sunflower

Volunteer  Hours

To participate in the P-Patch gardening program, each gardener must contribute a minimum of 8 hours of volunteer time to the program, half of which must be for the Magnuson P-Patch.  Volunteer opportunities are available on site such as maintaining food bank plots, common area maintenance, composting or through the P-Patch Office.

Food Bank Plots

Fiood Bank Sign Gardeners tend special designated plots dedicated to growing items for local food banks.  In addition gardeners are encouraged to contribute part of their crops to to the food bank program.  Magnuson's food bank donations go to the Lake City Food Bank and to the transitional housing program located in the park. In 2013, Magnuson gardeners  donated  3000 pounds of produce.  See also description of Solid Ground's Lettuce Link program.

Recommendations on What to Grow Vegetables  to grow to donate to food banks:  All types of greens, including lettuce, spinach, mustard, bok choy, collards,  green onions, cucumbers, summer and winter squash,  radishes,  beets,  carrots,  peas,  beans, broccoli,  cabbage. Check with the P-Patch Food Bank coordinator for suggested items.

Food Bank Plot

View of the Food Bank Plot in Magnuson P-Patch Pod #1

Water Conservation Tips

Updated 10/13

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