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The Orchard in Magnuson Community Garden

The Orchard is transition area of flowering trees. In the Spring they  create a splash of color on the south side of the Brig.   It is designed as a demonstration area where people can learn about growing  fruit  trees in small urban spaces.

The orchard began with grafting workshops  in which dwarf fruit trees, apple and pear,  were prepared for the future orchard. The trees were placed in a  temporary holding area of the  P-Patch and were moved to the permanent  orchard site when it was ready in the fall of 2003.

The orchard area was laid out in March 2003, the ground prepared, and irrigation was provided.  Volunteers transplanted 28 apple trees, 9 pear trees, and 4 plum trees that had been grafted.    Some of the plum trees were purchased.

In the spring of 2004 the trees blossomed and started to bear fruit. Only few of the fruits were allowed grow and ripen. In the early years, it is better to have  energy spent on building up size rather than growing fruit.   The exception is  the Belgian fence where we will let the trees fruit fully in hopes that they will remain small (pictured below).

View of Orchard
View of Orchard from Childerens Garden

   Belgian fence

Espalier panels were built between the orchard and the Children’s Garden.  They are demonstrating two dimensional patterns applicable for small home garden fruit production.    Pictured left is a Belgian Fence

For more information on creating Espaliers look at the following resources:
The Espalier fences in Magnuson Community Garden Orchard include the Belgian fence shown above planted with apples, another was planted with apples in a Palmettes Verrier pattern which is a series of "U's."  A third is a fence of horizontal tiers with pears growing on it.

  Pruning classes are taught in the Magnuson Community Garden Orchard. 

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