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Magnuson Garden Design Process

Magnuson Garden was designed through a collaborative community design process between interested citizens, organizations desiring to provide educational programs in the garden, community gardeners, and the city.  The community design process was an integral part of building the basis of a community garden by obtaining input from the community about garden users and community desires.  Public design meetings were held May 25, June 7, and July 1, 2000 to collect and refine ideas to create a design concept.  See the Magnuson Community Garden Final Design report, prepared by Barker Landscape Architects and the Final Design Concept Drawing.

Selection of Design Firm. One of the first tasks of the Magnuson Garden Coalition's Steering Committee was to select a professional consultant to help facilitate design development, community workshops and design review.  The firm of Barker Landscape Architects was selected through a RFP process to help define the goals, objectives, and issues, prepare a site analysis, assist with public meetings, and develop a final concept plan to be presented to the city.  Barker designed the City of Seattle's Bradner Gardens Park and Sunset Hills Community Garden, Northeast Queen Anne Park and P-Patch and the City of Bellevue's Botanical Garden and Lake Hills Community Garden.

First Workshop.   At the first public design workshop on May 25, 2000 the Barker firm presented the community with information about the site, the initial conditions, opportunities and constraints of the site, information about circulation and other nearby uses that may affect the site.   Participants were given an opportunity to add knowledge and input to the analysis.   Those present participated in a visioning process from which several alternative concepts were generated. These were refined by the community later in the process.  Barker took the ideas generated from the workshop and integrated them into the concept plans  reviewed at the second workshop on June 7, 2000.

Second Workshop.  Designs based on information received from the community at the first workshop were presented at the second community meeting.   The consultant presented the alternatives to the group.  The community  critiqued each design,  different elements from each design were selected and melded  into one unified design.   It was  a great opportunity to work together as a community to come up with a plan that fills most everyone's needs.   Once the alternatives were presented and the community  commented, the consultant  refined all the ideas into one cohesive master plan of what the new community garden would look like.

Third Workshop.  The third and final meeting was a chance for the community to have its say on the final design.  All of the ideas, suggestions and information presented at the workshops have guided the consultant to develop a preferred alternative design that incorporated the needs and desires of the community.

Comments received at the third public workshop regarding the preferred alternative design were incorporated into the final design used by the consultant for the report to the city, the community groups and the public. The final concept plan detailed the design elements, information gathered during the community process as well as proposed cost estimates for the construction phase of the project.  The final concept plan was presented to the Seattle Design Review Commission on July 20, 2000.

With the completion of the design concept, the Coalition then focused on construction drawings and  detailing the design for the different parts of the garden.

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