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About the Amphitheater in the Magnuson Community Garden

About the Amphitheater

At the initial public design forums, suggestions were made that the gentle slope viewed from the Brig offered the possibility of an open court and an amphitheater between the Brig and the garden.   An amphitheater was included by Barker Landscape Design in the final garden design.   Initial earthwork for the amphitheater was started by Frehuling, Inc. in 2002, as a donation of professional services.   In 2003-2004 Jon Ruhnke Landscaping was awarded the contract to  grade the amphitheater and its seating and  install the amphitheater stairs.  Volunteers installed the Amphitheater’s block walls.   The University Lions Club donated $10,000 to build an arbor across the top of the amphitheater.   John Ruhnke Landscaping designed and built the arbor from recycled logs of a Lake Union Naval pier.  See About the Arbor.   The amphitheater complex was completed in June 2004 and a dedication ceremony was held for the arbor.

Since the amphitheater's completion many events have been held there  including musical and educational events,  Shakespeare productions, weddings, and other private and public events.

Photographic History

Land contour
View of area before construction

    Amphitheater construction     Amphitheater Construction

    The land was graded and contoured                       The walkway and stairs were installed

 Amphitheater Construction     Amptheater Construction
Preformed concrete landscape blocks were added to create seating. Topsoil was added followed by grass seeding. The construction of the amphitheater arbor was started in February 2004.

Amphitheater Construction Completed

The amphitheater and arbor were complete in June 2004.  

Dedication of arbor

Dedication of Amphitheater Arbor on June 5, 2004. Pictured are Mayor Greg Nickels and members of the University Lions Club which donated $10,000 for the building of the arbor.

People Seated  in Amphitheater

Seated guests waiting for the beginning of the arbor dedication ceremony.

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