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Neighborhood and Community Arts (NCA)

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Description Supports groups producing recurring festivals or events that promote arts and cultural participation, build community, and enhance the visibility of neighborhoods through arts and culture. $1,200/year for 2-year cycle.
Application Opens August 18,2015
Deadline October 21,2015
Eligibility Neighborhood arts councils and neighborhood groups
Funded By Seattle Office of Arts and Culture
Project Examples Arts festivals
Cultural celebrations
Music festivals
Film Festivals

Neighborhood Matching Fund Large Projects Fund

The Large Projects Fund (LPF), which awards up to $100,000 per project, is open to applications once a year. The deadline is May 4, 2015 by 5:00 p.m. It is mandatory for interested community groups to attend one of the six LPF workshops offered before applying. The workshops are as follows:

  • Tuesday, February 10; 6 – 8 p.m. at Northgate Community Center, 10510 5th Ave NE – Multipurpose Room
  • Thursday, February 19; 6 – 8 p.m. at Casa Latina 317 17th Ave S – Worker’s Center
  • Tuesday, March 10; 6 – 8 p.m. at High Point Community Center, 6420 34th Ave SW –Multipurpose Room
  • Thursday, March 18; 6 – 8 p.m. at Northgate Community Center, 10510 5th Ave NE – Multipurpose Room
  • Wednesday, April 1; 6 – 8 p.m. at Garfield Community Center, 2323 E Cherry St. –
    Multipurpose Room
  • Thursday, April 9; 6 – 8 El Centro de la Raza, 2524 16th Ave S – Room 106

Neighborhood Matching Fund Small and Simple Projects Fund

The Small and Simple Projects Fund, which provides awards of up to $25,000, has three opportunities to apply. Deadlines for applications are February 2, June 1, and October 5, 2015 by 5:00 p.m. For those interested in applying in February, NMF staff is hosting workshops about the guidelines and application process. The dates are as follows:

  • Thursday, January 8; 6 – 8 p.m. at El Centro de la Raza, 2524 16th Ave S – Room 309
  • Wednesday, January 14; 6 – 8 p.m. at Phinney Neighborhood Center, 6532 Phinney Ave N – Room 3

Neighborhood Matching Fund Small Sparks Fund

Full info about Neighborhood Matching Fund Small Sparks Fund

Description Provides funds of up to $1000 to support community members in becoming civically engaged. Projects must demonstrate a capacity to build a stronger and healthier community and:
  • Provide a public benefit and be free and open to the public.
  • Emphasize self-help, with project ideas initiated, planned and implemented by the community.
  • Demonstrate a community match of volunteer labor, donated professional services or materials, and/or cash.
Deadline None - applications accepted year-round
Eligibility Open to neighborhood and grassroots community groups with annual organizational budgets of less than $25,000.
Funded By Seattle Department of Neighborhoods
Project Examples Cultural festivals
Cross-cultural sharing

Only in Seattle

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Description Empowers neighborhood business districts to organize around a common vision and attract investment. It provides district leaders with funding and support to harness their collective strengths, decide on joint action, and make changes to improve their districts. Grants range from $10,000 to $200,000. 

Application Opens Early October, 2015
Deadline End of October, 2015
Eligibility Neighborhood business districts: Local chamber of commerce, merchants association, community organization, or coalition of organizations and other business district stakeholders can apply on behalf of the district. The application should demonstrate that efforts in the district are coordinated among community stakeholders.
Funded By Office of Economic Development
Project Examples Consulting support to create a district action plan
Staff and project funding to implement an action plan
Façade or capital improvement projects in districts

Racial Equity Fund

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Provides funds to Seattle's community-based organizations to build capacity in the community to address structural racism. Total amount available is $75,000 in 2015.
Application Opens February 13, 2015
Deadline Friday, March 27, 2015. Please note: all potential proposers are required to make preliminary presentations at a symposium on March 9, 2015.
Eligibility Both individual human service agencies and coalitions of agencies may seek these technical assistance funds on behalf of their constituents to begin to collectively address structural racism in their respective areas
Funded By Seattle Office for Civil Rights / Seattle Office of Arts and Culture
Project Examples Process to recruit students for special programs that mirror the community.
Train organizations about racial equity and strategies to achieve it.
Train educators to be more aware of biases about race, and address structural racism.

Technology Matching Fund (TMF)

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Awards up to $30,000 in matching funds to community projects which increase increase technology literacy, provide access to computers, the internet and other information technologies; and increase civic participation through the use of technology.
Deadline Thursday, March 19, 2015. Workshops will be held February 10th and 12th.
  • Nonprofit organizations located in Seattle serving Seattle residents
  • Ad-hoc groups of residents formed to work on specific projects
  • Community councils, neighborhood associations, or groups of businesses that draws their memberships from commonly recognized geographic neighborhoods
  • Community-based organizations with a majority of its members residing or operating in Seattle and who seek to improve the quality of life for a particular community
Funded By Department of Information Technology Community Technology Program
Project Examples Basic technology skills training for low income and homeless families
After school robotics or STEM program to train youth of color
Computer lab upgrade for senior adults with Internet and Facebook training
Community building project using mobile devices and mapping tools