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Vegetation Management


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Why do you prune trees from power lines?

What companies do you contract with to do tree trimming?

Why do you need to prune so much of the tree? Can you shape trees for a better look?

Why don't you prune less off the tree and come back more often? Wouldn't this resolve the problem of badly shaped trees and trees in the lines?

My trees aren't touching the lines, so why do you have to prune them?

Do you prune trees from the wire that runs from the pole to my house?

When do you remove trees?

Trees in the lines wouldn't be a problem if you had underground lines. Why don't you put all your lines underground?

Do you remove the debris after you prune?

I hired a tree company to prune/remove my tree and they say they can't because it's too close to the lines - what do I do now?

Can I prune my own trees?

Do you have information about the right trees and shrubs to plant under the lines?

How do I request wood chips?

How will I know if City Light is going to prune my tree?

Can customers request that City Light prune trees?

Under what circumstances can you enter my yard and prune my trees?

Who do I contact if I have tree pruning questions or issues?

What is the difference between transmission and distribution power lines?

How does Seattle City Light help to ensure the health of trees and our urban forest?

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