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Vegetation Management
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Vegetation Management

Ensuring safer, more reliable power while protecting and enhancing our urban forest

The Seattle area is known for its thriving urban forest. Trees are important to all of us - they provide shade, beautify properties and improve the health of our environment. Yet, trees are also one the main causes of power outages in our area, and can cause serious injuries or fatalities when they come into contact with utility equipment.

Every day, our Power Line Clearance team works to ensure the reliability of our electricity and safety of our communities and crews by employing a systematic approach to vegetation management around the utility’s complex network of substations, power lines and transformers.
  • Learn more about proper vegetation clearance here.
  • Learn more about our power delivery system here.

Tree Trimming Learn more about our practices for maintaining proper clearance of vegetation near utility equipment.
Tree Replacement If a tree requires removal due to a safety or reliability threat, we’ll provide a free tree or tree vouchers to replace it.
Landscaping Tips Get information on the best species and planting locations for your property. Download The Right Tree Book.
Report a Problem Report fallen trees or limbs near power lines or other utility equipment. Call (206) 684-3000 and remain on the line to reach a customer service representative.

Our experts take great care in providing the highest quality and best possible solution for each situation by practicing industry standards from the International Society of Arboriculture, American National Standards Institute, and complying with the Washington Administrative Code and the Revised Code of Washington. These ongoing efforts result in fewer outages and continuous recognition by the Arbor Day Foundation as a
Tree Line USA Utility for best practices in utility arboriculture.

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