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Boundary Project
Dam facts

Tunnel in Boundary Dam
Height and thickness:
BBoundary is a thin-arch dam running 740 feet long and rising 340 feet from its bedrock. Although 32 feet thick at its base, the dam is only eight feet thick at its crest.

Cost to build:
$94 million in 1967

Horsepower of turbines:
Smaller units up to 208,000
Larger units up to 268,000

Length of reservoir:
17.5 miles, extending through mountain forests and the towns of Metalline Falls and Metalline to the base of Box Canyon Dam.

Generating capacity:
1,050 megawatts at peak, up to 50 percent or more of the electricity used by Seattle City Light's customers.

Security Note: With heightened security concerns, access may be limited. Photo ID is required for all adults and some areas of the project are restricted.

For more information about Boundary Tours, please email or call (509) 446-3083.

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