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2015 - 2020 Strategic Plan Update

The fundamentals of the Strategic Plan remain unchanged for the 2015 - 2020 update. City Light is delivering on baseline investments to maintain current levels of service along with a range of additional strategic investments to enhance service and efficiencies to improve productivity.

Strategic Investments

Organized around its four key objectives, City Light is also making 41 strategic investments during the 2015 - 2020 timeframe.

Objective 1: Improve customers' experience and rate predictability
There are 20 initiatives underway to strengthen City Light's ability to meet its customer's electricity needs and respond to their issues while also efficiently managing the energy system. These investments will improve customer-supporting systems; upgrade the generation and distribution system; provide low income assistance; and implement revenue practices to ensure rate predictability and reliability.

Objective 2: Increase workforce performance and safety practices
City Light is working aggressively to improve its safety record and to address workforce retention and recruitment. These steps will provide cost savings and ensure City Light's workforce is best positioned for the future. Initiatives entail improved safety standards and work practices; expanding training and leadership programs; and increasing workforce flexibility and efficiencies.

Objective 3: Enhance organizational performance
By 2018, City Light's goal is to be in the top 10 percent of peer utilities on measures of efficiency and effectiveness that will reduce baseline costs by an ongoing $18 million per year. To this end, City Light is implementing efficiencies in transmission, distribution and generation operations to reduce operating and capital costs. Additional initiatives are focused on addressing environmental liabilities, undertaking climate research and
improving operations.

Objective 4: Continue conservation and environmental leadership
City Light has been a leader in energy conservation and environmental stewardship. These are core values of Seattle residents. Strategic initiatives are focused on bolstering its efforts through expanded electrical vehicle infrastructure; expanded community engagement; enhancing environmental leadership; and improving the effectiveness and deployment of conservation program dollars.

City Light Rate Plan: Predictable And Sustainable

The Strategic Plan proposed a rate increase that averages a predictable 4.4 percent annually through 2020 for an average residential bill change of $2.95 a month or $35.36 a year.

New Initiatives For 2015 - 2020 Strategic Plan

Three new initiatives are proposed to be added to the plan that will provide for enhanced service and greater efficiencies.
  1. Distribution automation
    New technologies are now available that give City Light the ability to actively monitor and manage its distribution system in real time. This initiative will improve City Light's response to outages and incidents, saving time and money while improving customer service.
    2019-2020 cost: $12 million
  2. Service centers master plan
    City Light's north and south service centers have site limitations and are vulnerable to earthquakes. This initiative will undertake a site master planning process to evaluate options for making improvements to the current facilities or potentially consolidating them into one centralized location.
    2019-2020 cost: $106 million *
  3. Net wholesale revenue/rate stabilization account
    This initiative will reduce the probability of a rate surcharge in the near term and increase the chances of giving customers a credit or reduce long-term debt.
* Represents lowest-cost option
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