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Solar Energy
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Solar Terminology

Customer Generation - generation of electricity using customer-owned equipment on a customer's premises intended to primarily offset a customer's electricity use.

Solar Electric Generation - generation using solar electric (photovoltaic) equipment, typically solar modules and power inverters for home or business use.

Interconnection - customer generation that is connected to and operates in parallel with Seattle City Light's distribution system (or "grid"), subject to interconnection standards.

Net Metering - standard metering of electricity use with a bi-directional meter that accounts for customer generation and provides billing credits for excess or "net" production during a billing period.

Net Metering System - Per state and city codes, a facility that produces electricity from renewable energy, fuel cell or combined heat and power system, less than 100 kilowatts (kW) in capacity and that operates in parallel with a utility distribution system located on a customer's premises.

Production Metering - additional metering used to measure the electricity produced by a customer generation system which is required to apply for production incentives.
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