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Renewable Energy Incentive Program

In order to be eligible for an annual incentive payment, it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure all program requirements are met no later than August 1st following your initial incentive year.

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Interconnection Application And Agreement (Including One-Line Diagram)
    It is necessary that the homeowner(s) of a property where a renewable energy system is located within Seattle City Light's service territory have a signed Interconnection Application and Agreement on file. This agreement details important safety information and is required whether or not you choose to apply to the Department of Revenue in order to qualify for a Renewable Energy Production Incentive. You may locate this form at: www.seattle.gov/light/solarenergy/docs/interconnection.pdf

    A One-Line Diagram is a blueprint of your renewable energy system and how it ties into your electrical system and City Light's electrical grid.
  2. City Light Production Meter
    A City Light production meter is required to participate in the Renewable Energy Incentive Program, in order to measure your gross annual production as needed for the annual incentive calculation. You and your contractor will need to work with your assigned Electric Service Representative (ESR) to coordinate installation of your production meter. You may locate your ESR via maps at: www.seattle.gov/light/service
  3. Renewable Energy System Cost Recovery Certification And Approval Letter
    The applicant must apply for certification directly to the Department of Revenue (DOR). In order to complete this form you will need your electrical permit number, permit approval date, a copy of your one-line diagram, and whether the components of your renewable energy system are manufactured in Washington or not. If you are unsure of the information needed to complete this form, your electrical contractor may be able to assist you in locating this information. You may locate this form at: http://dor.wa.gov/Docs/forms/Misc/RenewEnerSystCertInvCstRecIncPrgm.pdf

    The Washington State Department of Revenue has 30 days to reply after they received your cost recovery certification form in order to advise whether you have been approved for an incentive or if further information is needed. DOR sends City Light copies of approved certifications where the applicant has provided authorization to do so.
  4. DOR Certified Payee Listed On City Light Account
    The DOR certified party must be listed on the account as either the main account holder or as an official co-applicant whose identity has been verified. If the DOR payee is not currently listed on the account please contact the contact center at 206-684-3000 or the Solar Incentive Team at 206-684-5516 to have your identity verified (in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission Red Flag Rules and City of Seattle's Identity Theft Prevention Program) and be added to the account.
Customers who have all the required documents on file with City Light no later than August 1st will receive an annual application form, in approximately July, which will include meter data and incentive calculations. The signed application must be signed and returned by the due date provided to be approved for an annual incentive payment each year.
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