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Renewable Energy Production Incentive Payment Process

  1. Solar customers must complete a City Light incentive application each year to receive an annual production incentive payment.

  2. Incentive applications will be mailed to customers starting in late August, and must be signed and returned by the deadline indicated on the application. City Light will provide a self-addressed stamped envelope, or applications may be scanned and emailed to

  3. Incentive payments are based on production during the fiscal year
    July - June. Production meters are regularly read each billing cycle, although these readings do not appear on your City Light bill. Starting in 2014, City Light may schedule additional production meter readings and will use readings from the last part of June through July to calculate incentives.

  4. For new solar installations, City Light uses engineering estimates to calculate kWh production prior to production meter installation. Estimates are based on calendar days of production (beginning with the electrical permit final approval date and ending with the production meter installation date), the kW capacity of your generating system, and USDOE (PV Watts) average solar performance data for the Seattle area. This calculated kWh will be combined with the production meter reads to determine your total incentive payment.

  5. Annual incentive payments are capped at $5,000 per Washington Department of Revenue (DOR) Certification tax registration number (TRN).

  6. City Light incentive payments will be credited to your City Light net metered account beginning in October, but no later than December 15. Once you receive your bill showing your incentive credit, you may request a check for your credit balance.

  7. Requested incentive checks will be issued to the WA DOR Certification name and mailing address on record.

For questions or any further information, please contact an Energy Advisor at (206) 684-3800 Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Seattle City Light requires all owners of renewable energy systems to submit an Interconnection Application and Agreement for approval.

To qualify for an incentive, the State requires that you apply for your Department of Revenue (DOR) Renewable Energy System Certification prior to applying for incentives.

Your system certification application must be sent to the DOR in Olympia. DO NOT SEND YOUR CERTIFICATION APPLICATION TO CITY LIGHT!

Each year, City Light mails Production Incentive Applications, including meter data and incentive calculation, to customers with both an Interconnection Agreement and DOR Certification on file. City Light does not use the incentive application form published by DOR.

Please note there are no exceptions to these requirements.

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