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Solar Program Policies and Requirements

Interconnection Application and Agreement
Installers or customers must submit to City Light an Interconnection Application and Agreement (Level 1 for up to 100 kW) prior to solar project installation. We encourage using only the latest version of this document and older versions may be rejected. A one-line electrical diagram and must be included with this submittal. For installations larger than 100 kW please contact: Electrical Service Representative (ESR) Assignment
After City Light approval and signature of the application, the customer will receive a copy of this agreement and a welcome letter. The project will be assigned a City Light Electrical Service Representative (ESR) and the installer should work directly with the ESR regarding net metering, production metering and any other interconnection or service questions related to generating system installation. The ESR can also advise on any applicable charges, such as production meter fees.

Installation Completion and Inspection
Once the generating facility installation is complete and has passed final electrical permit inspection, the customer or installer must notify the assigned ESR to request installation of City Light net and production meters.

Net Metering (up to 100 kW)
Net metering allows customers to "bank" and be credited for generation exceeding usage during any billing cycle. Solar generation should not exceed customer usage on an annual basis since WA law allows any net metering credits remaining on April 30 of each year to be forfeited to the utility. Most customer billing meters will be replaced with a new digital net meter.

Production Metering
Production metering records the total production of a customer generation system and is required for the customer to receive WA State production incentives. Contact the assigned ESR to determine production meter location.

WA State Production Incentive - Certification
Customers must certify their generating system through the WA State Department of Revenue (DOR) to qualify for a WA State production incentive. Installers can assist in this process. An electrical permit number, final electric permit approval date and one-line electrical diagram are required. Applications for system certification should be submitted to the State DOR (address on application form) and NOT be submitted to City Light.

WA State Production Incentive - Annual Application & Payments
Each year, normally in July, City Light will send qualified solar customers an incentive application containing a statement of production meter data, incentive rate, and total incentive payment calculation. Customers are required to return a signed copy of the annual application prior to the stated deadline. Payments are typically credited to customer accounts although customers may indicate whether they would prefer a check payment. City Light contacts for incentive program: 206-684-5516 or
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