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Solar Incentive Program Overview

Important Incentive Updates:

Annual Incentive Applications will be available after June 1st.

Most incentive credits have been applied to accounts for both roof top and community solar customers. Any remaining credits will be applied no later than December 15th. If you requested a check, we expect checks to be sent on in mid to late January.

2015-2016 Annual Incentive Applications are starting to be sent out today and will be sent out no later than 09/23/2016, via the e-mail address on record. If you do not have a valid e-mail on record OR the e-mail was returned than your annual incentive application will be sent via US postal mail. Please note that all applications need to be reviewed, signed and returned no later than October 15th. E-mails were sent from SCL_SolarIncentive@seattle.gov with the subject line "Seattle City Light - 2016 Annual Incentive Application"

Due to the utility cap per WA state legislation annual incentive credits have been proportionately reduced by 27.5 percent for the 2015-2016 incentive year. More information regarding the reduction can be located here

If you did not receive an application please contact us at 206-684-5516 or SCL_SolarIncentive@seattle.gov

Seattle City Light updated our billing system as of 09/04/2016. You may notice a few changes to your statement such as a new account number and that your production meter reads are now displayed. In addition, there are some changes to how your net metering will work. Please view out Net Metering FAQs here

Qualified Customers - July 8th was the deadline to submit year-end reads. If this deadline was not met the year-end read has been estimated for you. Qualified customer will be sent annual applications in September. Customers will need to review, sign and return the application by the due date, which will be 21 days after the issue date.

Not Qualified Customers - If you received a 'Not Qualified’ letter you will need to meet the requirements listed on the letter no later than August 1st. If requirements are not met by August 1st you will not be eligible to receive incentive payments for generation prior to 06/30/2015 for the 2015-2016 incentive year. Eligibility requirements can be located here.

As the 2016 incentive year is coming to an end, we have made it even easier for you to self-report your June 30th year-end reads. By self-reporting reads, this allows City Light to process annual applications and issue payments sooner. All qualified customers should have received a communication providing information on how to submit your reads. If you did not receive this communication or need to submit your reads click here.

The state incentive varies annually and is tied to each utility’s electric power sales. Weather, growing participation levels, increased use of Washington-made equipment, and larger solar system sizes, combined with lower City Light electric sales all factor into a customer’s incentive payment. For the July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016 payment year, City Light expects to pay from $.09 to $.35 per kWh for Washington State Renewable Energy System Cost Recovery incentives. Although the final payment rate will not be finalized until September, based on current trends, City Light estimates that the 2016 state annual incentive payments will be reduced by approximately 35 percent.

Information on the incentive can be located at: www.seattle.gov/light/solarenergy/incentivecap.asp

The 2015 annual incentive application period is closed and all credits have been applied to your Seattle City Light account. If you requested a refund check on your annual application a check request has been submitted and a check will be mailed approximately 4-6 weeks after your City Light account has been credited. If you did not request a refund on your application you may request one at any time by contacting us at (206) 684-5516 or SCL_SolarIncentive@seattle.gov.

As solar generation becomes increasingly popular and customers continue to install solar systems, City Light is nearing the limit on renewable incentive payments provided by Washington State. The estimated proportional reduction of solar incentive payments will be approximately 31 percent for the 2016 fiscal year (July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016). To learn more, visit the Solar Incentive Cap webpage.

A Newsletter detailing important information and changes for the 2014-2015 Incentive year was sent out today to all qualified Solar Incentive Program customers via e-mail. If you did not receive this e-mail but should have please notify us at SCL_SolarIncentive@seattle.gov of your correct e-mail address so you do not miss important program information.

Renewable Energy Production Incentive Program - Overview

Solar works in Seattle with the help of the Washington State Department of Revenues (DOR) Renewable Energy Cost Recovery Incentive Payment Program!!! City Light administers this program on behalf of the DOR annually from July 1 through the following June 30th to qualifying customers in accordance with WAC 458-20-273. This program allows individuals, businesses or local governments that generate electricity from solar power, wind power or anaerobic digesters to receive a production incentive. Incentives are capped and the program expires June 30, 2020.

In order to qualify for the program all requirements must be met - please see requirements here.

More detailed information regarding how City Light administers the Solar Incentive Program can be located on our FAQs page.

Contact Information:

Solar Incentive Program

(206) 684-5516 (Mon. - Fri. 8:00am - 4:30pm)
Seattle City Light | Attn: Solar SMT2802
700 5TH Ave Ste. 3200|PO BOX 34023| Seattle, WA 98124-9871

** Please save our e-mail so you don't miss important communications: SCL_SolarIncentive@seattle.gov **
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