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Solar Incentive Program Overview

Important Incentive Updates:

The annual incentive application period for the 2017 incentive year has closed and online applications are no longer able to be submitted. If you missed the application period or need to submit a corrected application you may do so by downloading an application here and emailing it to SCL_SolarIncentive@seattle.gov. Late applications are not guaranteed to be approved and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

We are currently reviewing and processing all received applications and will be notifying customers throughout October if their application has been approved or if a revised application is needed. Once approved, the associated City Light will be credited no later than December 15th and checks will be issued (if requested) 8-10 weeks after the account is credited and check request is submitted.

Did you miss the August 1st deadline to submit your annual incentive application? Good news - We are extending the application period to August 20th. You may apply for your 2017 application online here.

Qualified participants may apply for their 2017 Annual Incentive Payments between June 30 – August 1 here.

Seattle City Light updated our billing system in September 2016. You may have noticed a few changes to your statement such as a new account number and production meter reads are now displayed. In addition, there are changes to how your net metering will work. Please view the Net Metering FAQs for more information.

Renewable Energy Production Incentive Program - Overview

Solar works in Seattle with the help of the Washington State Department of Revenues (DOR) Renewable Energy Cost Recovery Incentive Payment Program!!! City Light administers this program on behalf of the DOR annually from July 1 through the following June 30th to qualifying customers in accordance with WAC 458-20-273. This program allows individuals, businesses or local governments that generate electricity from solar power, wind power or anaerobic digesters to receive a production incentive. Incentives are capped and the program expires June 30, 2020.

In order to qualify for the program all requirements must be met - please see requirements here.

More detailed information regarding how City Light administers the Solar Incentive Program can be located on our FAQs page.

Contact Information:

Solar Incentive Program

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