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Weatherization Rebates


Insulation is the most practical and affordable way to make your home more energy efficient and
comfortable. Insulation helps prevent heat transfer from inside your house to the outside, reducing
your heating and cooling costs and improving the comfort of your home. Insulation slows the loss
of heat from your home by providing a layer between your house and the outside air and is measured
by R-values, which is a measure of heat resistance. The higher the R-value, the better.

The total value of your insulation rebate depends on how much insulation the different areas of your
home need to be properly weatherized.

Insulation Existing level Upgraded Level Rebate Value
Attic insulation R-0 - R11 R-38, R-49 50 percent of the cost, including labor, materials and tax, Maximum rebate capped at $500
Wall insulation R-0 (no insulation) R-11 or greater 50 percent of the cost, including labor, materials and tax. Maximum rebate capped at $500


Windows typically comprise a significant portion of your home's exterior wall area and are a critical point
of heat loss or gain in your home. Upgrading your windows to high-performance, energy-efficient models
will have a positive impact on the comforts and warmth of your home.

Windows Existing level Upgraded Level Rebate Value
ENERGY STAR Windows & Patio Doors Single pane with any pane type or double pane w/ metal frame only ENERGY STAR rated .30 or better $50/window. Window must be located in a heated space (no garage windows).


  • You must be a current Seattle City Light customer living in single family residence (1-4 units)
  • Your home's primary source of heating is electric.
  • Read the full eligibility requirements for windows or insulation by downloading the rebate form

How to Participate:

  • Download a rebate form and be sure to read the requirements, terms and conditions
  • Schedule an appointment with a contractor of your choice to perform the work. We recommend that
    you solicit multiple bids from various contractors and check to make sure your contractor is licensed
    and insured.
  • After work is completed, complete the rebate form. Your contractor must complete the designated
    sections of the rebate form and sign as well. Send in the rebate form along with the necessary
    documents for payment.
  • Income-eligible customers may qualify for free weatherization through the City of Seattle's HomeWise Program.

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