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Dorms. Apartments. Condos. Single-family homes. No matter where you call home, you and other renters in the Seattle area account for 52% of all City Light residential customers. More than half. And Seattle is one of the fastest growing cities in the US, with many new multifamily buildings being constructed in 2016.

Living in the Seattle area, you have a lot of advantages as a renter. The City of Seattle supports LEED building certification and the energy reporting program (one of only 16 in the country) that requires all commercial and multifamily buildings to report their energy usage on an annual basis. That means you have information available to you to choose the "greenest," most energy-efficient rental spaces on the market.

As a City Light customer, your home is powered by the nations' greenest utility. That means all your tools, toys and technology are powered by affordable and environmentally and socially-responsible electricity. Not only do renters enjoy the lowest rates of the largest 25 cities in the country, income-eligible renters can qualify for a 60% discount on their electric bill and other City services to help create comfortable living spaces in summer and winter.

City Light customers are learning how to use less, waste less, and spend less on electricity. You don’t need to own a home to make energy-efficient changes. You can lower your bill, stay comfortable at home and be a part of building a sustainable energy future for the region.



Don't throw money down the drain – save water!



If any of these tips are things you can't change on your own, share these tips and encourage your landlord to help you make a change for the better!
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