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Rate Design

Learn more about Rate Design through the following information:

Welcome to City Light's Rate Design Website. City Light is working with the utility's Review Panel to review our current rate design and consider what changes in rate design will help the utility better meet the policy goals established by the City Council in Council Resolution 31351. We have created this website to provide information on our current rates and solicit input from our customers in the development of changes in City Light's rate design. At this time, we are still in the development stages of any proposed changes, but please look for surveys and event information coming soon.

Rate design means setting the rate structures, or charges, that make up your electricity bill. For non-residential customers (such as businesses and the common use areas of apartment buildings), or "General Service" customers, rate classes are also divided by maximum energy use level into small, medium, large, and high demand classes. The general rate structure for each class is:
  • Residential rates have a base service charge that each household pays, and a "two block" energy rate (per kWh), in which each household gets a set block of energy at a low price, and then pays a higher price for all the rest of the energy used. There is also a low-income residential rate class, which has rates that are 40 percent of regular residential rates.
  • Small General Service rates have only an energy (per kWh) rate.
  • Medium General Service rates have two kinds of charges -- the energy charge, plus a peak demand charge (per kW), which bills for the maximum amount of energy used each month.
  • Large and High Demand General Service rates have energy and demand charges, and all their charges are based on time of use, which means that the price is lower during the off-peak period (10 p.m. to 6 a.m., Sundays and holidays) and higher during the peak period, which is the remaining hours.
You can learn more about the Seattle City Light rate structures in our Rates 101 presentation.

Learn more about the Seattle City Light residential rate structure presentation (link words ‚Äúresidential rate structure presentation‚ÄĚ to residential rate PDF) and the commercial rate structure presentation.

If you would like to share your thoughts about City Light's rates, rate design or have a question about City Light's rates, please complete the form below. Thank you.


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