Seattle City Light 2016 ANNUAL REPORT | Audited Financial Statements 52 THE CITY OF SEATTLE—CITY LIGHT DEPARTMENT NOTES TO FINANCIAL STATEMENTS AS OF AND FOR THE YEARS ENDED DECEMBER 31, 2016 AND 2015 - 52 - over a $6.5 million self-insured retention per occurrence, with a $60.0 million limit per occurrence in the aggregate. Effective June 1, 2016 the limit was increased to $85.0 million. The Department had no settled claims exceeding coverage in the last three years. The City also purchased an all risk comprehensive property insurance policy that provides $500.0 million in limits subject to various deductible levels depending on the type of asset and value of the building. This includes $100.0 million in earthquake and flood limits. Hydroelectric and certain other utility producing and processing projects are not covered by the property policy. The City also purchased insurance for excess workers’ compensation, fiduciary and crime liability, inland marine transportation, volunteers, and an assortment of commercial general liability, medical, accidental death and dismemberment, and miscellaneous policies. Bonds are purchased for public officials, public notaries, pension exposures, and specific projects and activities as necessary. The changes in the provision for injuries and damages at December 31, 2016 and 2015 are as follows: ($ in millions) 2016 2015 Beginning unpaid claims liability 12.8 $ 12.9 $ Payments (4.3) (5.2) Incurred claims 5.5 5.1 Ending unpaid claims liability 14.0 $ 12.8 $ The provision for injuries and damages included in current and noncurrent liabilities at December 31, 2016 and 2015 is as follows: ($ in millions) 2016 2015 Noncurrent liabilities 10.0 $ 8.7 $ Accounts payable and other current liabilities 4.0 4.1 Total liability 14.0 $ 12.8 $