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Lighting Seattle since 1905 Jorge Carrasco, Superintendent
Utility Trends
4/10/2009 City Light prepared for difficult economy
11/25/2008 City Light's Integrated Resource Plan
8/25/2008 City Light's strategic plan
6/11/2008 Welcome to Utility Trends
6/10/2008 A season for reflection, a season for action
5/1/2007 Recovering from the big storm
6/1/2006 Meet our new executive management team
3/1/2006 City Light looks toward next century of service
6/1/2005 Are you ready to Green Up?
1/1/2005 Rates, transformation and a hundred years
10/1/2004 Regional Energy Industry Outlook
6/1/2004 From Superintendent Jorge Carrasco
10/1/2003 From the Superintendent
6/2/2003 Introducing Jim Ritch
1/1/2003 From the Superintendent
10/2/2002 Letter to Seattle City Light Customers
6/1/2002 The Energy Crisis Aftermath: a special report to our owners
3/1/2002 Seattle Green Power
10/30/2001 Thank You For Cutting Back
3/1/2001 Building the Bridge to Energy Independence
3/1/2000 Solar Possible in Seattle, WA
7/1/1998 The state - and States - of Restructuring
1/1/1998 Nordstrom Selects Seattle City Light as California Energy Provider
7/1/1997 SCL Wins Sought-After Energy Contract
4/1/1997 On Industry Restructuring
1/1/1997 SCL in Strong Financial Position to Meet Future Challenges


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