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Policies and Procedures
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Policies and Procedures

Listed below are Seattle City Light's Policies and Procedures.

Number Title
III-109 Reporting Disagreements or Conflicts With Citizens
III-112 Alternate or Standby Service
III-113 Procurement of Supplies Materials Services and Equipment
III-116 Charges for Certain Engineering Design Work
III-130 Renting City Light Property for Private Gardens
III-130 Sch. 100 Fees for Renting City Light Property for Private Gardens
III-131 Distribution and Service Easements
III-132 Real Property Use Permits Leases Consents and Easements
III-132 Appendix 8.3 Real Property Use Guidelines
III-132 Sch. 100 Administrative Fees for Use Permits Leases Consents and Easements
III-133 Disposition of Danger Trees Growing on City Owned Property
III-134 Tours Policy and Procedures
III-134 Appendix 7.2 Tour Request Form
III-134 Appendix 7.3 Tour Request Review Form
III-301 Security Deposits
III-302 Credit and Collection
III-302 Sch. 100 Service Charges
III-303 Property Damage Claims
III-304 Tree Trimming Services
III-305 Standards for Interconnection of Generators 20 MW and Less In Capacity to Seattle City Light's Electrical Distribution System
III-401 Charges for Specialized Electrical Service and Equipment
III-401 Sch. 103 Floodlights - Rental
III-401 Sch. 104 Floodlights - Customer Owned
III-401 Sch. 108 Decorative Lighting
III-401 Sch. 109 Streetlighting On Streets Without Distribution Poles
III-401 Sch. 112 Alternate Or Standby Service
III-401 Sch. 115 Residential And Commercial Three-Phase Line Extension
III-401 Sch. 116 Charges for Certain Engineering Design Work
III-401 Sch. 117 Alley Lighting Charges
III-403 Underground Distribution Extensions to New Residential Area
III-404 Residential Vacancy Billing
III-405 Account Service Charge
III-406 Authority to Accept General Service Application Contracts
III-406 Sch. 100 Authorized Agents for General Service Applications and Contracts
III-407 Customer Service Charge
III-407 Sch. 100 Trouble Call Service Charge
III-407 Sch. 101 Appliance Repair Service Charge
III-407 Sch. 102 Appliance Repair Trip Charge for Qualifying Rate Schedule 26 Customer
III-408 Customer Installed Secondary Service Conductors for Direct-Buried Residential Services
III-410 Residential Water Heater Divestiture
III-411 Electric Account Closing Bill Adjustments
III-412 Cogeneration and Small Power Production Facilities
III-413 Resolving Customer Electrical Service Problems
III-414 Electric Service Disconnect/Reconnect - Vacant Premises
III-415 Assignment of Labor Charges
III-416 Current Diversion
III-417 Installation - Removal Charges
III-417 Sch. 100 Installation and Removal Charges for Permanent Services
III-417 Sch. 101 Installation Charges for Temporary Services for Construction
III-417 Sch. 102 Service Poles and Anchors on Private Property
III-417 Sch. 103 Underground Street Crossings
III-417 Sch. 104 Temporary Service for Short-Term Seasonal Events
III-418 Residential Rate Assistance
III-419 Budget Billing Plan
III-420 Power Factor Metering and Billing
III-421 Voluntary Conversations to Underground Service
III-422 Final Connection Costs for Contractor-Installed Services
III-422 Sch. 100 Final Connection Costs for Permanent Services Installed by Contractors
III-422 Sch. 101 Final Connection Costs for Temporary Services for Construction Installed by Contractors
III-423 Maintenance of Underground Services
III-424 Trenching in the Public Right of Way
III-425 Customer Dispute Resolution- Utility Hearing Officer Role and Responsibilities
III-426 Letter of Credit/Cash Deposit
III-501 Disposal of Surplus Wood Utility Poles
III-501 Sch. 100 Minimum Selling and Bid Price for Surplus Wood Poles
III-505 Relocation of Utility Poles
III-801 Prequalification of Contractors
III-802 Disposition of Surplus Property
III-804 Pole Attachments
III-804 Sch. 100 Space Rental Fee For Utility Poles
III-805 Participant Selection in Research and Development Studies
III-901 Public Meetings
III-902 Bill Inserts
III-903 Citizen Advisory Committees

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