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Double Poles
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Double Poles in Your Area

A double pole condition exists when a new utility pole is installed to replace an existing pole. The owner(s) of the pole (primarily Seattle City Light and CenturyLink) install(s) a new pole, then wires and attachments on the existing pole are transferred to the new pole. The old pole cannot be removed until all the services (electric, streetlights, cable, telephone, etc.) are relocated to the newly installed pole by the owner of the equipment and wires.

What is City Light doing to streamline the removal notification process?

Seattle City Light is committed to reducing double poles in our service area. We have developed processes to better coordinate and facilitate the communication between the different entities on the utility poles. These streamlined processes facilitate the removal of the attachments from the old utility poles to the newly installed poles.

We have taken a proactive approach to removing the double poles in our service territory. We are working with our partners on the utility poles and have created a work flow that ensures each entity is notified of the removal in a timely manner.

For more information on the removal process, please visit our Double Pole Removal page.

If you have a safety concern about a double pole, please email us at

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