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How to Read Your Bill

If you need help interpreting your bill, this tour of your bill provides a section-by-section explanation in easy-to-follow terms.

example of a residential City Light bill example of a residential City Light bill
  1. Account Number. This unique combination of numbers designates utility, customer, and service (premise) address:
    0 - 100000000 - 1000000
    (utility #) - (customer #) - (premise #)

    1. Utility # - 1 = Seattle City Light; 2 = Seattle Public Utilities
    2. Customer # - up to 9 digits*
    3. Premises # - up to 7 digits

    * Single-family residences will likely have the same customer number for both Seattle Public Utilities and Seattle City Light.

  2. Account Name. If you are both a Seattle Public Utilities and Seattle City Light customer, your bill may reflect our effort to make the name consistent for both utilities.

  3. Messages. Look for messages about your current billing statement, rate adjustments or utility activities that may affect you.

  4. Expanded Usage Graph. The graph shows 2 years of consumption history shown in average kilowatt-hour use per day. The numbers to the right of the graph shows more detail to help you compare your usage to the same period last year.

  5. Detailed Billing Information. This section shows consumption billed at City Light's various rate levels - 2 winter rate and 2 summer rate levels.

    In this example, this section shows:
    1. Base service charge every customer is charged regardless of consumption
    2. Consumption and charges at the lower winter rate level
    3. Consumption and charges at the higher winter rate level

    You can also find:
    • Meter information including meter number(s), previous & current readings and reading dates, and total kilowatt hour usage.
    • If your usage was based on an estimated reading, it will be shown here.
    • Any additional charges (e.g., Project Share, Seattle Green Power).

  6. Amount Due. You can quickly find how much is owed and when it is due.

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