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The City Of Seattle
Seattle Public Utilities & Seattle City Light
Request For Information
For Utility Bill Management Services


General Information

The City of Seattle, Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) & Seattle City Light (SCL), is requesting information (RFI) from consultants/firms with expertise in utility bill management services to assist SPU & SCL in offering bill services for commercial customers not currently available from the municipal utilities

Background And Scope Of Work

The City of Seattle owns and operates two major utilities as two municipal departments. Seattle City Light is the electric utility serving 350,000 customers including about 32,000 commercial accounts. Seattle Public Utilities has 180,000 accounts and provides 1.3 million people with water, sewer, drainage, solid waste services.

A new utility bill system was inaugurated in 2001 utilizing Banner/SCT applications. Customers currently receive at least 2 bills per site, one electric bill and one combined water, sewer and garbage bill. Many commercial customers with multiple sites and multiple utility meters receive several bills from each utility (as high as 100 utility bills). Due to the volume of bills and usage information, customers have requested different options in billing and bill data for bill processing and utility data analysis.

The purpose of this Request for Information is to identify providers of utility bill management services that may meet both customer needs and utility requirements. As the City of Seattle explores future utility bill enhancements, using a firm specializing in utility bill management services may be one option for consideration and evaluation.

Selection Process

SPU & SCL may contract for services or identify service providers for utility customers needing bill services as a result of this RFI. This is a "Request for Information" only.


Respondents to this RFI are requested to submit brief statements, specifically including the following information organized in the order shown below. (See attached Submittal Detail for more information)

  1. Company Profile
  2. Services & Sample of Reports
  3. Clients & References or Short Testimonials
  4. Fee Structure/Contracts
  5. Possible relationships/arrangements with utilities

Submittal Deadline And Contact Person

Please submit your information and any questions to:
Junko Whitaker
Seattle City Light
700 Fifth Avenue, Suite 3300
Seattle, WA 98l04-5031
(206) 684-3624

Deadline: No later than 5:00 p.m. on Friday, June 20, 2003.

Prospective consultants/firms must limit their contact to this person when seeking information on the project.

Submittal Detail:

At a minimum, please provide the following information by the stated deadline

  1. Company Profile
    1. Official registered name, address, telephone number, toll-free numbers, fax number, web address.
    2. Key Contact: Name, title, address, phone numbers, e-mail address.
    3. Brief history and description of business: year established; tenure of offering desired services; how your services differentiate you in the marketplace
    4. Location of bill management operations, if different from address stated above.
  2. Services & Sample Report
    1. Number of bills and total dollar value of bills processed per month
    2. Identify type of utilities and number of utility firms that you work with for customers and provide a sample of utility names.
    3. Describe your array of services and flexibility of choosing utility bill management services.
    4. Describe the bill management process including invoice verification/audits, processing and payment
    5. Describe systems your company utilizes to ensure data accuracy, bill payment and database management; data security, access to data
    6. Describe your client services including management reports, data analyses, training
    7. Provide samples of reports generated for customers
  3. Clients & References
    1. Number of clients currently served and their locations (by city or state).
    2. Sample list of clients
    3. Provide at least 3 client references or short testimonials; include company name, contact, title, address, phone number, email address and type of client relationship and summary of services provided.
  4. Fee Structure/Contracts
    1. Describe contract/agreement typically negotiated with customers for bill management services;
    2. Provide itemized fee structure (range of costs/charges) offered for various components of your services
    3. Describe current/past contractual relationships with utilities in providing bill management services for customers.
  5. Possible relationship/arrangements with utilities
    1. Describe type of relationship that is desired with a utility and its customers
    2. Describe range of possible relationships with utilities including being a direct subcontractor, or providing special fees/discounts for customers enrolled for bill management services via the utility or other arrangements.



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