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Subject:   Mayor Nickels, Unico work to fight global warming
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8/3/2005  10:00:00 AM
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Mayor Nickels, Unico work to fight global warming
City Light’s new renewable energy program, Green Up, will help reduce climate change

SEATTLE- Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels, Unico President and CEO Dale Sperling and Seattle City Light today introduced Green Up, a program that gives commercial and industrial customers a way to show that their organizations value the environment and clean, renewable energy. With Green Up, commercial partners can invest in a market-rate, green-tag product to “green up” a percentage of their energy use.

"Thank you to Unico for joining with us in the fight against global warming," said Nickels. "Seattle is a city that recognizes the impact climate change has on our environment and the need to invest in renewable resources. We salute Unico for putting the environment first by partnering with us to 'green up' the energy we use and help stop global warming."

Unico stepped forward to be City Light’s partner in launching the Green Up program. Unico operates Rainier Tower, the Skinner, Cobb and IBM Buildings, Financial Center and Puget Sound Plaza. They will buy renewable electricity equivalent to eight percent of their electric needs. This green power purchase of 3,200 megawatt-hours per year makes Unico a gold-level Green Up customer. They will receive recognition and qualify for additional national awards and rankings by making this commitment.

Unico President and CEO Dale Sperling said, “Finding ways to better utilize resources is something we are passionate about. The Seattle City Light Green Up program naturally fits with our goal to operate buildings that are environmentally responsible and healthy places to live and work. Unico is pleased to help make a difference in our community by purchasing renewable energy.”

This year SCL will reach its “Greenhouse Gas Neutral” goal, becoming the first utility in the nation to reach this achievement. Unico will help City Light celebrate reaching this goal by sponsoring a series of discussions around melting glaciers and other impacts of climate change on four Monday’s in October.

The purchase of renewable energy by customers like Unico shows that they align their actions with their corporate values in resource conservation and sustainability. Green tag purchases are growing nation-wide, as a means to build green power resources and to decrease reliance on traditional fossil fuel supply. The greener the supply, the better for our climate and environment.

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