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Boundary Relicensing
Click here for more contact information! Boundary Relicensing Contacts:
Barbara Greene or
John Armstrong

Participants at the August 18, 2005 workshop in Metaline Falls provided feedback on the initial organization of workgroups which will address a variety of issues in the Relicensing Process. We recognize the workgroup configurations may continue to evolve as the process unfolds. The meeting schedules for each of the workgroups are available on the Meetings and Schedules Timeline. Tribal interests will be integral to all the workgroups.
The focus of this workgroup is archaeological sites, historical buildings and structures, and traditional cultural properties.
This set of workgroups have a broad focus that can be further organized under two areas of interest:

Socio-economic, Recreation, Land Use and Aesthetic/Visual: Land use and real estate, demographics, industry and employment, public sector impacts (taxes/services), and electricity. Existing and future land or water based recreation facilities and needs including reservoir shoreline land use, land management, facility permitting, public safety and access to the shoreline as well as the aesthetic and visual quality of the project area.

Terrestrial: Geology and soils, upland, riparian and wetland vegetation, invasive plant species, and wildlife, especially rare, threatened and endangered plant and wildlife species.

The focus of these workgroups is on the water-related resources and breaks out into two main areas of interest:

Fish and Aquatics: Coldwater reservoir/tributary and warm water reservoir fish species, primary and secondary productivity, rare, threatened and endangered species, exotic invasive species and reservoir and tributary habitats.

Water Quality: Total dissolved gas (TDG), temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, Nutrients and chlorophyll, turbidity, toxics, coliform, and exotic invasive species.
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