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Seattle City Light owns property for the purpose of providing energy services to its customers. City Light may grant others the right to use its property. Incidental uses may be permitted provided they do not interfere with the primary use of the property for utility purposes, do not create hazardous conditions or obstruct functioning of the utility system and City Light's mission to serve its customers.

Complaints about City Light Property

Dumping of yard waste, garbage, appliances, etc.., Overgrown vegetation, abandoned vehicles, grafitti, illegal signs, and homeless encampments, please call (206) 684-3394 or email

Use Of City Light Property

Please call City Light’s Real Estate Services at (206)684-3394 to determine if your property is owned by City Light or on easement property, and whether you need a permit, consent or an easement.

Permit Application

To be used when Seattle City Light is the property owner. An application fee is charged for review of the request and rental fees are charged if the request is approved. Uses that are allowed include gardens, landscaping, parking, and driveways. No buildings are allowed. All permits are temporary and may be canceled at any time by Seattle City Light.

Property Use Permit Application

Consent Application

To be used when Seattle City Light has easement rights and is not the property owner. There are no application or rental fees. Allowed uses are similar to permits.

Property Use Consent Application

Easement Application

To be used when Seattle City Light is the property owner and permanent rights are desired. Application fees are charged and a one-time fee, determined by appraisal, is charged for the easement. This is usually used by other public agencies or utilities, but can be useful for landlocked properties.

Property Use Easement Application

Real Property Guidelines

These guidelines set forth criteria to be considered when reviewing requests for incidental uses of City of Seattle Real Property rights under the jurisdiction of the City Light Department.

Real Property Guidelines