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Seattle City Light DEBRA SMITH, General Manager and CEO
Account Executive Office
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Account Executive Office Team

Glenn Atwood, Key Customer Manager
Customers: universities (except Seattle U), schools, managed care, biotech 206-684-3294

Andrew Gibb
Customers: industrial, manufacturing, maritime, and Port of Seattle 206-256-5254

Austin Coover, Key Customer Manager
Customers: data centers, commercial properties, communication/media, entertainment, hotels 206-684-3628

Sandi Fukumoto, Manager, Account Executive Office Team
Customers: franchise cities, government 206-684-0423

Soheila Ghassemikia, Key Customer Manager
Customers: hospitals, property managers, real estate developers and Seattle University 206-684-3671

Sandra Ball, Key Customer Manager
Customers: government, transit, retail 206-233-2645

Sharon Andreas, Sr. Customer Service Representative 206-684-3097

Carson Hornsby, Key Customer Manager Graduate Intern 206-684-0957

Bahiru Egziabiher, Seattle MeterWatch Strategic Advisor 206-684-3762

Sheree Hall, Office Manager 206-684-3331

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Large Business
Seattle City Light
Account Executive Office
700 Fifth Ave,
Suite 3200, Room 3402
PO Box 34023
Seattle, WA 98124-4023

Phone: (206) 684-3331
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Small and Midsize
Business Customers
Small and Midsize Business Customers
700 5th Avenue
Suite 3200
P.O. Box 34023
Seattle, WA 98124-4023

Phone: (206) 256-5200

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