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Conservation is power

Public power at work

10% for Conservation Campaign,

Water-Saving Strategies

One less toilet flush a day (saves more than 3 million gallons a day); spend a minute less in the shower (saves more than 2.5 million gallons); use a car wash that recycles water; reduce lawn watering

206.684.SAVE or

Conservation Acceleration, Fall 2001
Services: Residence | Small Business ~ 206.684.3800
Medium and Large Business ~ 206.684.3542
~ BOTH ~
This web site was launched in January 2001 with its home, Environmental Stewardship. The overwhelming response to the 10% for conservation campaign provided some wonderful content. Now that Mayor Paul Schell has launched Phase TWO of the campaign, we've organized conservation information into tips and resources and added an easier way for you to submit your own conservation stories. There's been a major increase in visitors to City Light's web site this year. We want it to work for you. Bob Royer, Communications & Public Affairs Director, July 9, 2000
Home Conservation (video)
APPLIANCES CHART, updated for 7/1/01 rates. Clock to furnace. How much energy and what's the cost? Interactive calculator

Appliances and Home Office Equipment


Space Heating

Water Heating Strategies

Water Saving Strategies


>  Multifamily Buildings -- for Residents

>  Renters Only, U.S. Department of Energy

Your home energy savings

Conservation Potential (video)
Medium and Large Business

Your working energy savings

Seattle City Light, Rate Changes During A Drought Year (video)
Energy Savings Tips from 30 Simple Energy Things You Can Do to Save the Earth compiled by Seattle City Light and The EarthWorks Group, 1990, with updates.


Summer Tips

64 Ways To Lower Your Winter Energy Bills, The Seattle Times, Fall 2000

I never leave the house with my faucet running, but I know now that I have been leaving the house with my electricity running needlessly. I'm going to make some changes about the way I use electricity and use it wisely. Comment from City Light customer and self-employed homeowner
Public power at work
Your working energy savings     Your home energy savings
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