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Georgetown Steam Plant
Film Guidelines

Thank you for considering the Georgetown Steam Plant for your upcoming film shoot!

As the Georgetown Steam Plant (GTSP) is a National Historic Landmark and City of Seattle Landmark, our objective is to provide access to the GTSP for the purpose of on-location filming without disruption or harm to the historic elements of the building and its components.

The following information outlines conditions and restrictions pertinent to filming at the GTSP. These conditions may not be the only ones that affect filming at the GTSP, but they can begin to provide some guidance as you consider the suitability of the GTSP for your film shoot.

For additional information about filming in the City of Seattle, including film permits and other available resources, please visit the website of the City of Seattle's Office of Film & Music at:

We look forward to working with you to ensure that your shoot is successful!

The easy two-step process to film at the Georgetown Steam Plant:
  1. Contact Seattle City Light at 206-763-2542 or for additional information or to arrange a location scout.

  2. After your location scout, contact the City of Seattle Film Office to apply for your permit!


Film Shoot Inquiries

All requests will be considered on a first come, first served basis and reviewed for compatibility with other activities at the GTSP. The booking window for film shoots is 60 days - dates cannot be confirmed prior to this time.

In order to facilitate your project and to ensure the safety of cast/crew and the building itself, a written description, production schedule, and location drawings of the proposed project must be submitted to Seattle City Light prior to permitting and at least ten (10) days prior to the beginning of the project.

Site Visits

Site visits will be accommodated based on availability of Seattle City Light staff. Notice of at least seven (7) days is required to accommodate any site visits. Any time any member of the film shoot would like to tour the building ("site visit"), for whatever purpose, a Seattle City Light staffperson must be present. A maximum of two (2) site visits, including a Technical Site Visit, will be accommodated at no charge.

Film Shoot Costs

A Seattle City Light staffperson, or designated representative of Seattle City Light, must be onsite for monitoring throughout the entire film shoot, from load-in to load-out. The film production company may need to reimburse Seattle City Light or its designated representative for staff costs associated with this monitoring.

Depending on the size and scope of the film shoot, and at Seattle City Light's discretion, more than one staffperson may be required to be onsite at any one time. The estimated total staff costs will be determined based on the number of staff required, as well as overtime/ holiday pay, and other considerations, though a general estimate of staff costs for film shoots at the GTSP is $25.00 per staffperson per hour.

In addition to staff costs, the City of Seattle requires a film permit be issued prior to filming on public property. Please refer to the City of Seattle's Office of Film & Music website for more information on permit costs.


A pre- and post-event inspection of the film locations will be conducted by a representative of Seattle City Light and the Client. Costs resulting from repairs, replacements, damages, and cleaning of event space are the responsibility of the Client. A damage deposit may be required which will be determined by Seattle City Light at the time of permitting.


Adhesives and Moveable Objects

All adhesives must be pre-approved by SCL. Repositioning of moveable objects (e.g., certain signage, boxes, etc.) is generally permitted, as long as objects are returned to original location and condition upon completion of shooting. City of Seattle monitor must be consulted prior to moving objects.

Electrical and Lighting

Electrical service is not available through the GTSP. The production company may provide their own power generator(s), but generator(s) must remain outside the building at all times. It is preferred that the generator be placed on top of a concrete pad, but if placed on soil, grass, turf, or other permeable surface, the generator must be placed on a barrier (i.e., tarp) between itself and the ground surface. No hook-ups to existing electrical outlets within the building are permitted.

All electrical cables leading into and placed within the building must be secured and matted to conform to electrical/safety standards.

Propane heaters are permitted inside the building.

Food and Beverage

"Craft Services" (coffee, tea, and light snacks) will be permitted onsite in designated areas. Alcohol is not permitted. Arrangements for outside catering must be coordinated with SCL in advance.

Health and Safety

Upon arrival, all cast and crew entering the building must complete and sign City Light Accident Waiver and Release of Liability form. Clients will conduct safety meetings at beginning of film shoots. Safety meeting will include review of use regulations and restrictions, and information on the history of the building by City of Seattle representative.

Housekeeping and Waste Removal

Clients must remove all waste, including food waste, paper products, adhesives, etc., from the site at the completion of their shoot. Additional costs may be incurred if areas are not clean and clear of waste materials, and/or if such materials are not removed from the grounds. All clients are encouraged to apply sustainable practices to reduce waste, reuse resources, and recycle or use recycled product.


Be advised that due to the GTSP's proximity to Boeing Field, there may be substantial noise interference from departing and arriving airplanes. Please consider how this may or may not disrupt your film shoot.


Parking is available on-site for approved cast and crew. Placards may be distributed beforehand for cast and crew to place on windshields to indicate they are with the film production and allowed to park on-site.


Please check about the availability of restrooms. A porta-potty provided by SCL may be available on the grounds; however, if the size of the combined cast and crew exceeds certain limits, the client may need to make arrangements to provide an additional porta-potty.


No smoking (including e-cigarettes) is permitted within 25 feet of the steam plant building. All cigarette butts must be properly disposed of and removed from premises following completion of filming.


The GTSP is not able to provide water. Clients must supply their own water.

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