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Note: this information is for the calendar year 2014

Seattle City Light's hydroelectric projects on the Skagit and Pend Oreille Rivers provide about half of the power customers need. The remainder comes from a mix of power sources, including long-term contracts with the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) and others.

Since 2001, City Light increased and diversified its resource mix to minimize future dependence on market purchases to meet Seattle's needs. An increased amount of BPA power and a 20-year wind contract from the Stateline Wind project are among City Light's new resources.

The table below provides information on the fuels used to generate the electricity Seattle City Light provided to its customers in 2014. While Seattle owns no nuclear or coal generation, a portion of the power we purchase from BPA comes from these sources and is reflected in our fuel mix.

Seattle City Light customers who would like to support the development of a new generation of renewable energy sources can do so by participating in the Green Up Program.

This information is provided in compliance with fuel disclosure provisions of the Fuel Mix Disclosure section of RCW 19.29A, passed by the Washington State Legislature in 2000 and based on 2014 data.

2014 Fuel Mix
Generation Type Percentage
Hydro 89.6%
Nuclear** 4.3%
Wind 3.6%
Coal** .9%
Others* .9%
Landfill Gas .7%
Total 100%

**  These fuels represent a portion of the power from BPA.

* Others include Biomass, Natural Gas, Other, Petroleum and Waste.

Detailed definitions of the various fuel types are posted on the Washington State Legislature's website under RCW 19.29A.010.
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