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Skagit Environmental Endowment Commission
Skagit Environmental Endowment Fund, logo by permission Vision, Mission & Goals


Upper Skagit WatershedThe Upper Skagit Watershed, located in both Canada and the United States is recognized as a unique, ecologically significant North American treasure, protected forever and managed as a single ecosystem. Its natural, cultural and wilderness values are conserved and restored for the sustainable use and enjoyment of current and future generations.


To ensure the preservation and protection of the natural and cultural resources and recreational opportunities of the Upper Skagit Watershed to the highest North American management standards through advocacy, promoting international cooperation and strategic partnerships and investments.

Guiding Principles:

  • Treaty funds shall not be used to replace or supplant operating budgets or responsibilities of public agencies.
  • The Commission shall not enter into obligations for maintenance projects on a continuing basis.
  • No expenditures of the Fund shall be made outside of the Skagit River drainage north of Ross Dam.
  • The fund shall be professionally managed to preserve capital while providing significant annual operating revenues.

Core Strategies:

  • Develop a 5-Year Workplan, in collaboration with key partners, to articulate program goals and funding strategies.
  • Deploy annual investments to catalyze interest in key issues within the Upper Skagit Watershed and leverage engagement from key partners.
  • Engage government and communities in securing further protection for the Upper Skagit Watershed.
  • Continue to reinforce a "one ecosystem " approach to conservation at every available opportunity.

Program Areas and Goals

Education: To build awareness and foster appreciation of natural places in the Upper Skagit Watershed, which in turn can be lived out through stewardship.

Recreation: To deliver a quality recreational experience consistent with protecting the natural values of the Upper Skagit Watershed.

Ecosystem Management: To learn about the ecosystem through monitoring, inform the public about ecosystem values, and alert decision makers to conservation needs. 

Land Management: To secure increased levels of protection for the entire Upper Skagit Watershed.

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