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Standards Publications:

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Printed Copies of the Standards Books


Digital files are available for printing copies of the Standards books: Material Standards, Construction Guidelines, Network Construction Guidelines, and the Stock Catalog. Those interested in purchasing copies of the printed books will need to contract directly with a provider of printing services. Check with the printer for current prices, as they may fluctuate due to changes in the cost of materials.

Anyone can order the Standards books from Zebra Print and Copy, (206) 223 1955, Columbia Center, Suite 307, 701 Fifth Avenue, Seattle, Washington 98104. Ask Zebra to print the most current versions.

Standards titles:
  • Construction Guidelines
  • Material Standards
  • Network Construction Guidelines
  • Stock Catalog
Binding Options (all options include the printed tabs):
  • coil (a spiral binding with clear plastic front cover and heavy black back cover)
  • 'loose' (3-hole punched for placing in your own binder. Includes spine and cover inserts)
  • with binder (3-ring binder with spine and cover inserts)
Click here for more contact information! Customer Service
Call (206) 684-3000

Standards Publications:
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