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Introduction to the
City Light Standards Documents


Seattle City Light publishes Standards documents in four volumes as described below. All of these volumes are available for browsing on this Web site. Users can also print copies of documents.

Volume Titles

  • The Stock Catalog lists all items that City Light regularly stocks in warehouses and includes product descriptions organized by product categories. Stock Catalog is abbreviated STK.
  • The Material Standards volume contains detailed purchasing specifications of some stock items. Material Standards is abbreviated MATL.
  • The Network Construction Guidelines volume describes typical electrical installations and methods for City Light's "Network" service area. The "Network" covers a geographic area including parts of Pioneer Square, Downtown Seattle, the University District, the International District, First Hill, Belltown, Seattle Center, and Lower Queen Anne. The volume Network Construction Guidelines is abbreviated NTWKGL. See the next entry.
  • The OH/URD Construction Guidelines volume describes typical electrical installations and methods for the City Light service area that includes most of Seattle and some suburban communities (everything outside the "Network"). OH/URD is an abbreviation for Overhead/Underground. The volume OH/URD Construction Guidelines is abbreviated CONGL. Many OH/URD Construction Guidelines are shared with the other Construction Guideline volume, Network Construction Guidelines. Shared Guidelines will have a dual document number in the top right-hand corner of the page.

Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)

The web site Standards documents are published in the Adobe® Portable Document Format (PDF). You will need to download and install a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the documents. Go to if you have not already installed Acrobat Reader. The Web site search engine DTSearch allows you to locate documents by subject, document title, or document number.

City Light has converted most of the Standards documents to digitized, searchable files from our typewriter-written, hand-drawn originals. Approximately ten percent of the documents have yet to be converted. This ten per cent and some text in drawings are not fully searchable.

Document Search

When you return to the first web page (use your browsers "Back" arrow), titled "Standards Publications," you will find the "Enter Search Request Key Words" box where you can type your search request. This first page is also called the "Search" page. Please take a look at the "Where to Search" box. One of the titles in this box must be selected to search successfully. The four search options in this box are:

Network/OH/URD Construction Guidelines the two Construction Guidelines are searched at the same time

All Standards Documents all four volumes are searched

Material Standards limits the search to one volume

Stock Catalog limits the search to one volume

Dont forget to choose the appropriate volume for your search. If youre not sure, just select All Standards Documents . Choosing one of the other options is a way to limit the size of your search results.

Search Example

For this search example, assume you are looking for documents containing the phrase "crossarm braces."

  • Enter the phrase "crossarm braces" in the "Enter Search Request Key Words" box on the Search page.
  • Make sure that you have an appropriate volume selection in the "Where to Search" box.
  • Click on the "Search" button and you will be taken to the Results page that displays the three or four documents containing the words "crossarm braces."

If you do not find your phrase on your first try, you may want to try an alternative search method such as "fuzzy searching." See the "How to Search" column and also go to the "Show Help" button for more search hints.

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Standards Publications:
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