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Electric Service
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Customer Engineering Service Designs

Electric Service Representatives and Service Engineers

Seattle City Light has a staff of professionals who can help make your project run smoothly from a utility standpoint. We encourage you to call them for a consultation prior to starting any work that may affect your electrical service. There's no charge for a field visit, and they can provide you with the construction standards and connection information that can help avoid costly mistakes.

For a map of our Electric Service Representative's territories, click on one of the links below:
  • Seattle City Light North Customer Engineering (From Denny way to the King/Snohomish County Line)
    • Residential (Single Family, Duplex, Triplex, and Accessory Dwelling Units)
    • Commercial (For services up to 1MW)
  • Seattle City Light South Customer Engineering (From Denny Way to the southern border of our service territory - see our service map for more information)
    • Residential (Single Family, Duplex, Triplex, and Accessory Dwelling Units)
    • Commercial (For services up to 1MW)
  • For services larger than 1 megawatt, please contact our Electrical Service Engineers
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Residential, Small & Medium Commercial Services, North of Denny Way
North Service Center
1300 North 97th Street
Residential & Commercial
(206) 615-0600
fax: (206) 684-4299

Residential, Small & Medium Commercial Services, South of Denny Way
South Service Center
3613 4th Avenue South
(206) 386-4200
fax: (206) 386-4222

Large Commercial and Industrial (1 MW demand and greater)
Electric Service Engineering Office
Seattle Municipal Tower
700 Fifth Avenue
(206) 233-2645
fax: (206) 287-5231

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