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Denny Substation Project
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"Please note that as the project progresses, materials in the "Project Library" may reflect new information and appear inconsistent with previous versions and with later versions posted on other pages of the Denny Substation website. It is City Light's intent to post the materials as they were displayed at public meetings."


Below are links to the Draft Environmental Impact Statement, Background Report and Discipline Reports.

Draft Environmental Impact Statement

Denny Substation Project Draft EIS (full document)

Draft EIS by Chapter
  1. Cover Letter, Fact Sheet, Glossary Acronyms

  2. Table of Contents

  3. Chapter 1: Summary

  4. Chapter 2: Description of Project and Alternatives

  5. Chapter 3: Aesthetics

  6. Chapter 4: Noise

  7. Chapter 5: Environmental Health - Electric and Magnetic Fields

  8. Chapter 6: Environmental Health - Hazardous Materials

  9. Chapter 7: Transportation

  10. Chapter 8: Land Use and Housing

  11. Chapter 9: Historic and Cultural Resources

  12. Chapter 10: Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas

  13. Chapter 11: Utilities

  14. Chapter 12: Water Resources

  15. Chapter 13: Energy and Natural Resources

  16. Chapter 14: Impact Summary Tables

  17. Chapter 15: References

  18. Chapter 16: Distribution List

  19. Appendix A - Neighborhood Map

  20. Appendix B - Pontius Avenue North Street Vacation Petition

  21. Appendix C - Sound Transit Memorandum (on Use of DSTT)

  22. Appendix D - Planned Infrastructure & Development Projects

  23. Appendix E - Private Views of Substation Yard

  24. Appendix F - Summary of Substation Alternatives Zoning Analysis Matrix

  25. Appendix G - summary of Adopted Design Guidelines for the Substation Area

  26. Appendix H - Modeling Assumptions for Electric and Magnetic Fields

  27. Appendix I - Hazardous Materials Figures

  28. Appendix J - Summary-Substation Alternatives Consistency with Long-Range Planning Documents

Draft EIS Background Materials

Discipline Reports
  1. Denny Substation Project Air Quality and GHG Discipline Report

  2. Denny Substation Project Historic and Cultural Resources Discipline Report

  3. Denny Substation Project Noise Discipline Report

  4. Denny Substation Project Transportation Discipline Report

Other Background Reports
  1. Broad Street Substation Environmental Site Assessment (319 6th Avenue North Seattle, Washington), Draft Report, Aspect Consulting, August 23, 2013

  2. Environmental Conditions Discipline Report - Denny Substation, Draft Report, Aspect Consulting, February 5, 2014

  3. South Lake Union Hazardous Materials Discipline Report, 30% Review Draft, Aspect Consulting, June 26, 2013

  4. Off-Property Investigation Environmental Sampling Report (1250 Denny Way Property Remedial Action, Seattle Washington), Aspect Consulting, June 7, 2011

  5. Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessment, Greyhound Maintenance Facility (1250 Denny Way and 145 Yale Avenue North Seattle, Washington), December 2, 2008

  6. Denny Substation NBBJ View Studies

  7. Denny Substation Magnetic Field Investigation

  8. Denny Substation BRC Baseline Sound Analysis
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Denny Substation Project.

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