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WashWise logo, by permission Toploading Washers

Until the autumn of 1998 all WashWise qualifying machines employed a tumble action design. In September of that year Whirlpool Corporation introduced a Resource Saver model that uses an agitator design and a fresh water spray rinse rather than a deep water rinse. In 1999 Fisher and Paykel, a New Zealand company, introduced their Ecosmart washer that employs a spray wash and a spray rinse along with other technical changes that greatly increase the efficiency of the agitator design. From the outside the machines look like conventional models.

The Whirlpool machineLeaving City of Seattle public network gains its relatively high-energy efficiency through the use of a temperature sensor that insures that warmer wash and rinse temperatures are either 100 degrees Fahrenheit or 75 degrees rather than the usual and non-measured hot and warm settings of standard washers.

Fisher and Paykel uses electronic controls to finely tune their washer's mechanical action and water temperature. It currently achieves the highest efficiency tier among CEE qualifying models.

Questions & answers about the WashWise program.

For more information from Seattle City Light on WashWise, please e-mail Yen Chin, Program Manager, at, or call Yen at 206.684.4290.

Yen Chin, Appliances, LaundryWise and WashWise For more information from Seattle City Light on WashWise, please e-mail or call 206.684.3800.

For detailed information about claiming a WashWise rebate or to check on the status of your rebate, please email or call 1.866.632.4636.

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