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Conservation: WashWise Benefits
WashWise logo, by permission Seven Reasons Why a WashWise Tumble Action Clothes Washer Makes Good Sense

1. They wash clothes cleaner.
The first thing folks notice is that their finished laundry feels softer even without using fabric softeners. That’s because these machines rinse the clothes better and get out more of the detergent. Oh, yes, and require much less detergent than the old agitator models. Exactly how much less depends on the type of detergent so you will probably have to experiment a bit. The main thing to keep in mind is that you don’t want to oversuds the machine. That will reduce the cleaning action. Try only a third as much as you formerly used for starters.

2. They wash clothes more gently.
Old agitator type machines stir up your clothes to get them clean. New generation agitators often offer slower speeds and redesigned agitators to improve performance. Tumble action machines gently tumble them. Most folks immediately notice less lint in their dryers and less pilling. Later they notice their clothes last longer. Eventually they begin to launder delicate items they once did by hand or sent out to the dry cleaners. Imagine confidently washing lingerie or wool sweaters in a machine!

3. They run more quietly than conventional machines.
Forget about having to turn up the volume on the radio when you do laundry. Tumble action machines run so quietly some new users thought their machine wasn’t running at all. This feature is particularly valuable if your laundry facility is in your living space rather than in the basement.

4. They handle large and bulky items with ease.
Now you don’t have go out to the laundromat to wash your quilt, pillows or sleeping bag. You can wash these items in a standard size tumble action machine. These machines actually wash better when you stuff them full when loading. Once the clothes get wet they shrink in volume and no longer completely fill the tub.

5. They are much friendlier to the environment.
These high efficiency machines use about 60% less energy and 40% less water than conventional agitator machines. That means much less stress on our natural resources and a cleaner conscience for you along with cleaner clothes.

6. They shorten drying time.
Most WashWise clothes washers have a high speed spin cycle which means clothes come out of the washer much less wet. This translates into shorter time in the dryer. You save time and money.

7. They save you money.
Not only will you be able to run your dryer less, you’ll also spend less money on detergent (remember to use less); you’ll spend less money on clothes (remember they last longer because they get washed more gently); and you’ll spend less at the dry cleaner (now you can machine wash items you used to have dry cleaned).

Yen Chin, Appliances, LaundryWise and WashWise For more information from Seattle City Light on WashWise, please e-mail or call 206.684.3800.

For detailed information about claiming a WashWise rebate or to check on the status of your rebate, please email or call 1.866.632.4636.

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