Seattle City Light DEBRA SMITH, General Manager and CEO
Energy Efficient Lighting

Lighting represents about 5-10% of a home's electricity use. Recent years have seen considerable improvement in energy efficient lighting technologies, especially with compact fluorescent (CF) light bulbs and fixtures that use them. Where CF bulbs used to be available only in home improvement stores, you can now find a wide variety of styles and wattages in hardware, department, grocery and drug stores. Prices have dropped dramatically, too. Most CF bulbs are now under $10 with some as low as $5, and CF's are found in a wider variety fixtures. Although there are many types of energy efficient lighting, this web site deals mainly with CF technology.

Residential Conservation Programs & Services
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Featured Programs and Events:

· Powerful Neighborhoods Program is now serving multi-unit residential buildings.

· Twist & Save with energy-efficient light bulbs and fixtures. See a list of participating retailers and disposal information.

·Do it yourself guide to air-sealing and insulating your home from ENERGY STAR