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Conservation: Be Smart and Build Smart
BUILT SMART Lighting Only
The BUILT SMART Program from Seattle City Light encourages developers of new low, mid-rise and highrise multifamily buildings to reach beyond standard practice in incorporating electricity-saving features into their new buildings. Financial incentives help pay the additional cost of higher efficiency options, and City Light staff provide technical assistance to help meet efficiency goals.

This page is intended for builders who are not participating in BUILT SMART's full measure package, whether because they choose not to pursue shell measures (window and insulation upgrades) or because they are using a heat source other than electricity. In these situations, incentives are still available for electricity saving features in the building. Unlike the full measure BUILT SMART program, where certain minimum packages must be installed in order for a building to be BUILT SMART qualified, the Lighting & Options path allows flexibility to choose among measures.

This Lighting & Options Technical Specifications document is an abridged version of the larger BUILT SMART Technical Specifications manual. You will notice that it begins with Chapter 6, and this is because chapter is numbering carried over from the larger BUILT SMART Technical Specifications for easy cross-reference. If you have questions or need more detail please call 206.684.3800.

BUILT SMART logo, by permission Your Benefits:
  • Monetary incentives for installing high efficiency lighting, appliance or HVAC equipment
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Reduced lighting maintenance costs
  • Better lighting in all areas of your building - kitchens, hallways, stairwells, walk-ways and common rooms
  • Free lighting consultation and services from the Lighting Design Lab

Lighting Specifications & Incentives:

Interested in building a BUILT SMART Lighting & Options Project?

Contact Lisa Frasene at or 206.684.3182.

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