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Built Smart Users Manual: Alerts
Window Supplier and Installer Alert

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This is a Seattle City Light BUILT SMART project and the following requirements must be met when constructing a BUILT SMART building in the Seattle City Light service area.

For a detailed explanation of program requirements, refer to the BUILT SMART Technical Specifications provided to the General Contractor.

NFRC Ratings
All windows and sliding glass doors shall be NFRC certified and labeled. Until NFRC ratings are available for skylights mounted in non-vertical positions, the default U-factors in the WSEC shall be used.

Window suppliers shall supply the following information to the BUILT SMART program manager:
  1. A complete window schedule including sizes & U-values for each type of window & glass door, and total square footage of all glazing to be installed in the project.
  2. A calculation of the overall weighted average U-value of all glazing being installed in the project, if all glazing units do not have minimum U-Value of .33.
BUILT SMART Window Specifications
  1. Maximum tested U-value shall be .33 (Overall weighted average is acceptable.)
  2. One fresh-air inlet must be provided for each bedroom and two provided in each combined living/dining rooms.
For more information, call Peter Held, BUILT SMART Program Coordinator at 206.684.3605.

Interested in BUILT SMART incentives?
Contact an Energy Advisor at
or call (206) 684-3800.


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