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Appliance Rebates
Appliances make up about 20 percent of your home’s electricity use. Seattle City Light’s appliance rebates can help you upgrade to more efficient models – saving you money and electricity for years to come.

"IMPORTANT NOTE: Before buying an appliance, please make sure it is an eligible model. There are some Energy Star models that do not qualify for a Seattle City Light Rebate. For a list of eligible models, please click on the specific appliance below."

Appliance Rebate How to Apply Eligibility
Clothes Dryer $50-$200 Rebate form Available for residential style appliances
Clothes Washer $50 Rebate form All residential SCL customers
Heat Pump Water Heater $500 Rebate form All residential SCL customers
Home Heating $100-$1,200 Participant Instructions Residential SCL customers with existing electric heat

SCL rebates are limited offers. Rebate funds and dollar amounts are subject to change without notice.
Click on the specific appliance above for more information about that appliance or click on the “Apply” links to access the rebate application. For questions about Seattle City Light Rebates, call our Energy Advisors at 206-684-3800 or email

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